Gwendolyn Victoria Reynard

Quiet and odd







Hello my name is Gwendolyn Victoria Reynard but you can call me Gwen. I have a very odd family my mother Lady Duchess Victoria Reynard is a Warlock and has quite a temper. My father Lord Duke Vincent Reynard is a religious fanatic who spends his time slaying undead for the Raven Queen. My older brother Victor spends his time drinking and playing cards with what my mother calls girls of low character. My grandfather Richter Renfeild is also a warlock he claims I am his favorite. My grandmother Elizabeth Reynard is the only normal one out of all of us and is very kind and last but not least is my grandfather Ivan Reynard who I have never met he used to be a cleric however he is now a vampire no one has seen him for years and only the family knows he is still alive. Official record states that he dide of an illness 25 years ago there is even an empty grave in the family cemetery. Finally there is me, I am also a warlock I study the forgotten deities of the stars. I love the stars every thing else dies but the stars seem to be eternal. So I watch them with my little familiar Dragonling Mr. Squeaks he is my one and only friend. Wait There was something important I was going to say but it has escaped me hmm oh yes! I remeber now I have a bit of a problem you see I have been confined to our estate and not allowed to leave so I borrowed some of grandpa Richters books on teleportation as well as some items to preform a ritual to transport me to the city. I only planned to see the city and then to return so that no one would miss me. However I am a novice at best and something went wrong now I find my self in a small village. The stars look unfamiliar and I fear I am far away from home so now I am looking for a way back who knows if I can even get back so now it is just Mr. squeaks and I hopefully I will find my way back home until then I will just have to make do.

Gwendolyn Victoria Reynard

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